Mezinárodní loutkařská unie

International Puppeteers Union

Union International de Marrionette


Puppetry collections are – thanks to the exceptional position the puppet theatre held in the entire Czech cultural history – represented in a number of regional museums. It is in these places that researchers as well as the lay public can find the most complete collections:

National Museum
Theatre section, Václavské náměstí 68, 115 79 Praha 1
tel.: (02) 2449 7313
Contact: Jan Kostroun

The collections of the National Museum in Prague are, next to the collections of the Museum of Puppet Cultures in Chrudim, the most significant ones in the Czech Republic. The first puppets came to the theatre section of the National Museum in 1929, but only since 1968 can one talk about planned collecting, expert compiling, conservation and restoration of these relics.

Museum of Puppetry Cultures

Břetislavova 74, 537 60 Chrudim
tel.: 00420/455/620 310 tel. + fax: 00420/455/620 650
Contact: Alena Exnarová

The Museum of Puppetry Cultures in Chrudim opened in 1972 in the magnificent renaissance building called Mydlářovský. The building was commissioned by burgher Matěj Mydlář between 1973 – 1577 and his son Daniel then added a small tower in the shape of a minaret. The basis of the museum collections was the private collection of prof. PhDr. Jan Malík (1904-1980), a relentless organizer of puppetry, a practician as well as theoretician, historian, teacher and collector. He was also instrumental in having the various national centres of the international puppetry organization UNIMA donate puppets from their countries to the museum. During the first quarter century of the museum’s existence the collections grew rapidly and are being steadily replenished. Today, the museum owns about 6000 puppets and some 60 000 other collection items (stage designs and models, sets, fine art works with puppetry topics, posters and programmes, photographs, manuscripts and other archive material, publications…).

Moravian Regional Museum
Department of Theatre History, Kapucínské náměstí 8, 659 37 Brno
tel.: (05) 423221205, fax (05) 42212792
Contact: dr. Jaroslav Blecha

History of strolling marionetteers, club theatres (particularly of the Munzberg company. Modry, Zanda and Jeka) and of contemporary professional theatres in Moravia.

Náprstek Museum
Betlémské náměstí 1, Praha 1 tel.: (02) 22 22 14 16, fax: 22 22 14 18

Mezinárodní institut loutkářského umění
Museum of Puppet Culture
Karlova 12, 110 00 Praha 1
tel.: (02) 2222 0913, FAX: (02) 2222 0928
Contact: Todor Ristič, Director