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One Flew Over The Puppeteer´s Nest

The One Flew Over the Puppeteer´s Nest is a specialized review of puppet theatres, open to the broad spectrum of theatre groups, thus not only statutory theatres, but also independent groups and amateur companies. The aim of the organizers, particularly the Czech centre of the non-governmental international organization of puppeteers UNIMA, is to present the puppet theatre to the broad public as an integral part of theatre and festival activities and to convince the audience of the various age categories about the possibilities of expression in this theatrical genre. In comparison with the concept of other puppet festivals, this mutual confrontation is quite a unique phenomenon, highly appraised particularly in the foreign professional press.

One Flew Over The Puppeteer´s Nest Czech puppetry is unique in the way it enables a comparison of amateur and professional ensembles by the same measures. This comparison is made possible by “Přelet” (Flew) for which the best prouctions of the past season are being selected.The show was held for the first time in 1991 and its major organizer and author of the title was Luděk Richter. The “Flew” was performed at the Žižkov theatre, in the theatre “Na Zábradlí”, at the theatre Minor, the theatre at Dlouhá, the theatre of mimes Alfred in the Court, the Actors Studio on Letná, and in the Theatre of Comedy. Every year about a dozen companies participate, of which roughly a third come from statutory theatres, a third from independent groups and the rest from a selection of amateur ensembles.

The One Flew Over the Puppeteer´s Nest is held by the Czech centre of UNIMA and the association for the publication of the magazine “Loutkář” (Puppeteer) in collaboration with the City of Prague and with the financial aid of the Ministry of Culture of the CR.

The committee of the UNIMA centre headed by Nina Maliková decides on the selection of performances on the basis of their appraisal at various festivals or shows during the given season, as well as on the basis of recommendations by puppet experts of renown.

Producer of the shows The One Flew Over the Puppeteer´s Nest is Klára Konopásková, E-mail: