International Puppeteers Unionn

Mezinárodní loutkařská unie

Union International de Marrionette

Czech Center UNIMA

International Puppeteers Union
Union International de la Marionette

The International Puppeteers Union was founded in Prague in 1929 in the Realm of Puppets. The Czechoslovak centre was a member since its beginning. In 1993, after the independent Czech Republic originated, the Czech centre with headquarters in the Theatre Institute was established.

The aim of the organization is to support puppetry art by bringing about contacts and exchange meetings of puppeteers of all countries and continents. To promote the puppet as a means of ethical and aesthetical education, to maintain the traditions of the puppet theatre. In order to fulfil these goals UNIMA organizes since its inception congresses, conferences, seminars, festivals, exhibitions and competitions. Organizes and facilitates study visits and short term affiliations.

The Czech centre helps to organize festival – “ONE FLEW OVER THE PUPPETEER´S NEST” – and to publish the magazine “LOUTKAR” (The Puppeteer).The supreme body of UNIMA is the Congress (held every four years) which consists of the Council and all UNIMA members present at the Congress. Only the councillors have the right to vote at the Congress. The council consists of councillors (democratically elected in the various member countries prior to the Congress), accredited representatives and ten councillors, additionally elected at the Congress. The council meets once every two years, whereby one is held between congresses. At present, the Councillors of the Czech UNIMA Centre are: Nina Maliková, Stanislav Doubrava and Jan Kostroun. The activities of UNIMA between congresses are carried out by the executive committee, the president and the secretary general. The president is thus also president of the Council. The secretary general is responsible for international contacts and information, for the organization of work of the executive committee and for finances.

Former chairwoman Nina Maliková has worked in the UNIMA executive committee for years. At the UNIMA Congress in Magdeburg in the year 2000, Stanislav Doubrava, director of the Naive Theatre in Liberec, was elected to the executive committee. UNIMA activities concern the following specialized commissions: education and training of puppeteers, scientific research, publications, statutory and continental affairs, cultural exchanges, international festivals, puppets in education, amateurs. Stanislav Doubrava was, at the UNIMA 2000 Congress in Magdeburg, elected chairman of the international festival commission.

Since the Plenary Session held on November 4, 2000, the Presidium of the Czech UNIMA Centre is composed of: Simona Chalupová, chairwoman; Jaroslav Blecha, Stanislav Doubrava, Michal Drtina, Jakub Hora, Klára Konopásková, Kateřina Dolenská, Nina Malíková, Jan Novák, Lenka Šaldová. The headquarters of the Czech Centre of UNIMA is in the Theatre Institute (Celetná 17, Prague).