International Puppeteers Unionn

Mezinárodní loutkařská unie

Union International de Marrionette

The Committee of the Czech UNIMA Centre

elected by the Plenary Session of UNIMA held November 5, 2017.

Nina MALÍKOVÁ –  (chairman), publicist, pedagogue

Jaroslav BLECHA  – head of theatre collections of the Moravian Museum,      Brno

Stanislav DOUBRAVA – director of the Naive Theatre Liberec, chairman of the Association of Professional Puppeteers, Vice-president of UNIMA

Michal DRTINA –  specialist for puppetry of the National Information and Counseling Center for Culture (NIPOS) – ARTAMA,   director of festival Fly over puppetry nest

Jan DVOŘÁK – publisher and publisher of professional theater literature

Jakub HORA –  proncipal of ALFA Theatre, director of  the International  Festival of Puppet and Alternative Theatre the SKUPA´S Pilsen

Simona CHALUPOVÁ – director of Chrudim Puppetry Museum

Klára KONOPÁSKOVÁ –  production of festival The Fly over the puppet’s nest

Kateřina LEŠKOVÁ DOLENSKÁ – publiscist, pedagogue, editor in chief of the Puppeteer magazine

Jan  NOVÁK – member of the Board of Directors and archivist of the Empire of Puppets Theatre

Lenka ŠALDOVÁ –  deputy Head of the Theater Department of the National Museum