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Academy of Music (AMU)

DAMU (Academy of Dramatic Arts)
Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre KALD

The studies are based on the many years of pedagogical experiences of schools dealing with puppetry on one side and on tendencies which are rooted in the theatrical avantguard and the open theatre movement, on the other.
The programmes of bachelor and master studies of acting, directing and drama theory presume the study of general rules of theatrical creativity stressing specific inter-disciplinary components of the puppet theatre and its overlap and feedback to theatrical art.
The study of stage design at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (KALD) concentrates on educating artists of alternative forms of the theatre with priority on creative metaphors, including the puppet theatre.

Head of department: prof. Josef Krofta, +420 2 21111038, fax +420 2 21111028
Department Secretariaty: Jitka Nohová, *, +420 2 21111039, fax +420 2 21111028

FAMU (Film Academy)
Department of Animated Production

The studies at the department of animated production, similarly as in other departments of FAMU, are based on the aesthetic opinion that animated film is one of the types of dramatic art.
The instructions based on the study system of FAMU as well as on the worldwide practices are divided into two degrees: bachelor studies (6 terms) and master studies (4 terms). The study system of the department of animated production is based on the principle of elective choices, both practical as well as theoretical.
Within the system of credits, the student can adapt the study of theoretical subjects depending on his own orientation. The professional instructions are based on the assumption that animation is the basic and most important subject in animated films, whereby it is not important whether it is done manually or synthetically. That is why maximum stress is devoted to teaching it as welll as to practical exercises. Every year the student creates 1-2 practical exercises giving him sufficient space to express his own individuality. These exercises are part of the exam system and are being evaluated by the examining commission, the positive results of the evaluation is a necessary and essential condition of passing to the next study term.

Head of department: Doc. Jiří Kubíček
Secretary of department: Jiřina Balvínová, Phone and Fax: (+420-2) 24 22 13 43, E-mail:;